September 1, 2009

I really suck at retiring

It's true, my blogging retirement didn't go over so well. I thought I somehow managed to burn myself out with my blogging. It turns out I was just PMSing. Only a few days after I announced my silly retirement, my blogging cloud had been lifted from my head. I also realized in hindsight, I could have made not blogging much less dramatic by doing what normal people do and just not blog for a few days. In my defense I was a bit stressed about our apartment complex being foreclosed and getting forced out. Then you know how moving goes and you get busy and the internet connection you've leeched onto isn't that fast, and on-and-on. The best part is the foreclosure turned out to be a blessing since we're back in Boise now.
Now things have settled back down, the stress has been lifted (thank you St. John's Wort) and I'm committed to blogging again. I have things to say, pictures to post, grammar errors to type and I'm happy to be doing it again.

I hope you like the remodeling I've done around Jeremy's Forum. Thousands of man hours and dozens of cans of Full Throttle were consumed before I finally settled on my template. And wouldn't you know it, I'm still not completely satisfied. Despite that, I think I'll keep the new look for a while. Feel free to look around.

When we moved back to Boise recently we moved into an apartment complex we've lived in before. One night we had our back door open while relaxing in the living room and then we were greeted by a friend. Noah walks into the kitchen, then frantically ran back into the living room exclaiming he saw a spider. Not thinking much of it (I'm sure I rolled my eyes) I walked into the kitchen to get a look.

That's nasty, not the spider, our dirty floor. Just kidding. When I first walked into the kitchen the light was off so I could only see the spider's silhouette. It looked huge. Of course I become intrigued and decide to catch it. I caught it in a glass, and after some research we discover it's a wolf spider that's carrying her young. What a nice welcome home gift!

We put the spider in a bigger container because I wanted to keep it for a while so I could study the babies growing. A quick two days later I became bored with that idea and decided I would release the ugly spider into a grassy area, but not by our house. I figured this was the right thing to do since wolf spiders were mostly harmless to humans and they contribute as a part of the ecosystem (thank you Wikipedia). Unfortunately I was becoming overwhelmed with the idea of packing this spider and it's young to a grassy field. Then my adolescent nature kicked in. I lit the spider and its spider babies on fire. I sort of enjoyed it. That story took an abrupt and horrific turn didn't it? I'm sure about five minutes after I publish this post, PETA will be banging on my door.

I'm starting up my picture of the week feature again. I try to post those pictures every Sunday night or Monday. So be on the lookout.

It's good to be writing and blogging again. It's good therapy. Thank you Brent and Justin for talking sense into me.

Laters on the menjay.


Brent Hope said...

Those are the coolest pictures ever. Mind if I steal myself a copy????

Thanks for coming back. Are you going to wear number 45 now?

I like the new design.

Jeremy said...

These pictures are here for the taking. I encourage you to take them.

I'm keeping my old jersey number. If I came back as 45, I have this strange feeling it wouldn't quite feel right and then change back to my original number anyway.

Brent Hope said...

Nice. I've given up my name and jersey. From now on, I will be known as this sign: ~

Take care,


Jeremy said...

What are you Prince??

Justin said...

Holy cow, man. I've seen my fair share of quitters in my life, but I have to say that if they had quitting day in gym class you'd be picked last. I really like your new pad, man, it definitely rubs me the right way. Oh, and as far that spider is concerned, your wolf spider definitely beats our cat-face spider any day of the week (but I used a whole spray bottle of bleach and eventually a broom handle to finish mine off... eat me PETA! (I assume that's ok with you people)). Ok, I'm done.

Jeremy said...

Oh you can openly PETA bash here. I say this as I proudly don my Michael Vick jersey.

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