September 3, 2009

The day has finally arrived

It's September 3rd. Do you know what that means? I've had this day etched in my brain for the last nine months. Boise State football kicks off their season today. Hang on a sec, allow me to scream.


That feels better. This day couldn't come soon enough and now that it is here, I'm a nervous wreck. Boise State starts the season against the Oregon Ducks right here on the blue turf. This game has basically been billed as the biggest game in Bronco Stadium. If the Broncos lose, "the experts" say there's no shot at a BCS bowl for Boise State. No pressure right? So, I sit here in a sweaty panic. I doubt I'll be able to eat Becka's world famous buffalo wings tonight. I suggested eating them before the game starts but I think my stomach will be too knotted up still.

Let's forget the hype for a few minutes and bring focus to what's really going on here. Boise is a football town. I've been a Bronco fan for 10 years or so, but since we moved here six years ago, I exchanged my red blood for blue and orange blood. This is the majority of football fans in Boise, affectionately known as Bronco Nation. There's that buzz in the air around the city. Hundreds of cars proudly fly their Boise State flags in their car windows, businesses wish the Broncos luck on their marquees, and even a car dealership in Nampa created a message of their own with cash for clunkers cars.

Ahh yes. All is right in the world again between September and January. During that time food tastes better, the winter air is warmer, the blue turf is bluer, my kids are cuter, I even take less happy pills because I'm generally happier.

I'm taking it in. I'm excited for the rest of the season. September 3rd, I've been waiting for you for nine long months and you're finally here. I'm hungry for roasted duck.


Brent Hope said...

Wars, rumor of wars, bad economy, high unemployment, high crime rate, dogs and cats loving each other....

It doesn't matter! It's COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

Jeremy said...


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