August 28, 2008

Ginger beef

Ginger Beefalicious! Unfortunately this picture is off the internet and not the actual dish we ate. Our camera is completely broke so this will do for now.

To continue my food theme here another day you can see Becka and I are still on an asian kick.
This time we had a dish called ginger beef and it was phenomenal. That's not a word I just throw around, I really mean it. The combination of sweet and salty for this dish along with a bit of a citrus flavor (hence the ginger) left me completely satisfied. Satisfied sounds so boring. It was a taste explosion! A party in my mouth! Anyway, I'll stop before this gets out of control.

The Chinese got it right when it comes to food. I'll let the communism slide a bit as long as they make my taste buds happy.

Due to popular demand our recipes have been requested. The only catch is we get the recipes off the internet then slightly alter it to our liking. One of my favorite places to go is

August 25, 2008

Cashew Chicken

mmmmmmmm...cashew chicken.

About a week ago Becka and I were in heavy talks about what to have for dinner that night. We both decided we wanted something a little different. Stray away from the "norm".
I started searching the internet diligently for ideas. Only after a few minutes I found a recipe website featuring it's cashew chicken. I knew that's what I wanted right away. After taking note of the ingredients and preparation we were off to Winco to pick up our needed items.
Following the directions carefully but adding a few ingredients of our own we both created an edible masterpiece. It was more then edible though. It was super freakin' delicious.
Cashew Chicken is not new to me. I've had it several times, though it has been a while. I've never had it homemade though. It was excellent.

Then a couple days ago we went to an asian buffet in Meridian. We've been there a few times before but it's been a couple years. Either way I knew it would be good. No. It sucked. I was happy to find their cashew chicken at the buffet thinking this establishment would redeem itself. No. Now, this dish may have been good to other people but only a couple days before we had set the standard with our own cashew chicken.

Feeling dissatisfied from our trip to the crappy buffet, tonight we decided on our homemade cashew chicken for dinner again. This time we doubled the recipe. Now we can have leftovers. It was another masterpiece, possibly better this time. I'm completely stuffed. I know I know, we've had the same dinner three nights this week. This is when the worry of overdose sets in. I'm not worried.

Talking about our cashew chicken may sound a bit...bragadocious, but I don't care. It's super freakin' delicious!

August 23, 2008

Another favorite picture

Here's another favorite picture of mine. This picture of Becka, Timo, and Eric was taken a little more then four years ago. We were living in Las Vegas at the time.

I think there's a few different ways you could view this picture. To me it's simple, just a mother loving her boys. Holding them close, the boys love her right back with complete trust.

Looking back at when I took this picture there's another thing I think of when I see it. It was mid-June then, and so freaking hot! I appreciate mom and the boys cuddling together for a few minutes in a house that was more or less a baking oven so I could take another picture.

August 20, 2008


As a fellow Bronco Blogger has put it, "the most important decision in the history of the world", has finally been made.
After months and months of speculation, practices, and heated competition, the Boise State Broncos have finally decided on a starting quarterback. I introduce to you (drumroll sound inserted here):

Kellen Moore

For the first time in Bronco history, Boise State is going to start a freshman quarterback. Moore is a redshirt freshman. After the season ended this past January there was an open competition between 4 QBs for the starting quarterback position. After spring ball concluded the two front runners were Bush Hamden, a fifth year senior and of course Moore, a redshirt freshman.
After spring ball ended I was hoping for Kellen Moore to get the starting nod. I really like Bush Hamden, but like I said he's a senior, meaning there would be another quarterback competition next year, making it three years in a row. I'm happy to report this will not be the case. If all goes well, Moore will be behind center for the next four years, hopefully building another BCS team in the meantime.
You may be asking, can a freshman really lead this team? He absolutely can, I assure you. Here's some of his stats from high school I got from The Idaho Statesman:

"He was the Gatorade Player of the Year in Washington after setting career records for completions (787) and touchdown passes (173) and single-season records for touchdown passes (67 as a senior), passing yards (4,600 as a junior) and completions (317 as a junior)."

Yeah, those are playstation numbers. I had a chance to watch two public scrimmages during fall camp and felt more confidence after each one that Moore should be the starter. He's very smooth with a natural feel for the game. The left hander makes the offense flow very well. He seems to not get rattled even when under pressure or after throwing an interception. Those are attributes that can't really be taught. Also, learning the Bronco playbook so well after only one season as a redshirt is quite impressive (Boise State runs almost a 1,000 different plays). Coach Peterson said of Moore that he's already "setting new standards" when it comes to watching game film. Knowing that he's a freshman makes it even more impressive.
I'm sure he'll do a great job, but if for some reason it doesn't work out for him it's a good feeling to know there are some great quarterbacks behind him just dying at an opportunity to play. I've seen them all play, and they've all done a very good job. I just happen to think Moore can be a special player. It makes me even "Moore" excited for the season to "kick" off. Haha, sorry, I couldn't help it.

I know he'll make his hometown of Prosser, Washington proud and certainly the city of Boise.
Maybe there's too much hype already, but I'm sure he can handle it. That's what good quarterbacks do, thrive under pressure.

It should be a good season.

August 15, 2008


Here's the deal, there's no story or real significance to this picture other than every time I see it it makes me laugh. Timo is about 2 and a half in this picture. His goofiness us unparalleled, except maybe his mother.
It's simple, anyone who knows Timo, loves Timo. That's why he has the nickname Timo. For him the name Tim or Timothy is too boring. The nickname Timo spices it up a bit with big serving of goofiness. Sometimes it's hard to be mad at him because he'll make this ridiculous face that makes me smirk...or bust into laughter.
He's a special little boy with a huge and I mean gigantinormous heart. He'll do anything just to make you happy. The name Timo characterizes who he is. It's a whole package. His birth certificate may say, Timothy Steven Rigby, but to us...he's Timo.

August 8, 2008

Boise State Football!!!!

Anyone who knew me in the 90's knows how big of a Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan I was. I may have been obsessed for a while. I can tell you right now, Michael Jordan and the Bulls can't even compare how much I love Boise State Football.
You can call it an obsession, passion, dedication or whatever.
On every game day here in Boise there's always a buzz in the air. There's always dozens of cars driving around with their Boise State flags flapping in the wind. Any restaurant you eat at, the staff is wearing their Boise State T-shirts. If you visit any of the Boise State athletic stores (called Bronco Shop) on game day, it looks like Christmas shopping with all the customers buying the latest gear to support the team. The could and do wear their new gear at Bronco Stadium, a downtown bar, a restaurant with TVs, or even at home. In the week leading up to the next game Boise State Football dominates the radio airwaves, particularly on the local ESPN radio affiliate. Talking match ups, injuries, interviews, odds, speculations, scores, records and anything else Bronco Football.
Fall camp began for Bronco Football this last Monday. There's a lot to talk about this year. One is the "disappointing" 10-3 record from last year including dropping two straight to end the season. 10-3 is a good if not great season in most places. Not here. It's mediocre. And that's not good enough.
Two, is the QB battle taking place two years in a row. Right now, it's down to the senior Bush Hamdan and the redshirt freshman Kellen Moore. My advice: go with the freshman, start building the team for the next four years instead of going through another QB battle next year, making three in a row.
Three, is the young and undersized offensive line. Only one starter returns from last year which means there will be four freshman starting this year. There could possible be one junior but nonetheless, at least three freshman.
Defense can handle it's own and Boise State is loaded at the skill positions, including QB, once they decide who to play.

Fall camp began earlier this week and the buzz is already in the air. The countdown to the first game against Idaho State has been narrowed down to 22 days. Boise State Football is the main topic of conversation in the area. If you're stuck in an elevator with someone you don't feel the need to comment on the weather. There's more of a chance you have Bronco Football in common then knowing what the weather is like. Instead of, "it's going to be hot out today", it's more like this, "how many yards do you think Ian Johnson will get this year?"
In Boise, Bronco Football is a way of life. There's a reason we are called "Bronco Nation". I look forward to Bronco Football 8 months out of the year. Finally, finally, fall camp has started and it's almost game time.
You can feel the buzz in the air, it's a good time to be in Boise.

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