August 25, 2008

Cashew Chicken

mmmmmmmm...cashew chicken.

About a week ago Becka and I were in heavy talks about what to have for dinner that night. We both decided we wanted something a little different. Stray away from the "norm".
I started searching the internet diligently for ideas. Only after a few minutes I found a recipe website featuring it's cashew chicken. I knew that's what I wanted right away. After taking note of the ingredients and preparation we were off to Winco to pick up our needed items.
Following the directions carefully but adding a few ingredients of our own we both created an edible masterpiece. It was more then edible though. It was super freakin' delicious.
Cashew Chicken is not new to me. I've had it several times, though it has been a while. I've never had it homemade though. It was excellent.

Then a couple days ago we went to an asian buffet in Meridian. We've been there a few times before but it's been a couple years. Either way I knew it would be good. No. It sucked. I was happy to find their cashew chicken at the buffet thinking this establishment would redeem itself. No. Now, this dish may have been good to other people but only a couple days before we had set the standard with our own cashew chicken.

Feeling dissatisfied from our trip to the crappy buffet, tonight we decided on our homemade cashew chicken for dinner again. This time we doubled the recipe. Now we can have leftovers. It was another masterpiece, possibly better this time. I'm completely stuffed. I know I know, we've had the same dinner three nights this week. This is when the worry of overdose sets in. I'm not worried.

Talking about our cashew chicken may sound a bit...bragadocious, but I don't care. It's super freakin' delicious!


Becka said...

Bragodocious it up!!! It was definitely because of your superb chopping skills.

Brent Hope said...

"Crappy Buffet"

That would be a great band name.

Nice job on the cashew chicken!

Jessumca said...

oh man I wish I could have some of that now! I think I better fly over there and you guys can make it for me! ;)

jeremy said...

Do it!!

JC Photography said...

Now I'm thinking when you post something that was so yummy - you should include the recipe!!!! Sounds yummy.

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