August 20, 2008


As a fellow Bronco Blogger has put it, "the most important decision in the history of the world", has finally been made.
After months and months of speculation, practices, and heated competition, the Boise State Broncos have finally decided on a starting quarterback. I introduce to you (drumroll sound inserted here):

Kellen Moore

For the first time in Bronco history, Boise State is going to start a freshman quarterback. Moore is a redshirt freshman. After the season ended this past January there was an open competition between 4 QBs for the starting quarterback position. After spring ball concluded the two front runners were Bush Hamden, a fifth year senior and of course Moore, a redshirt freshman.
After spring ball ended I was hoping for Kellen Moore to get the starting nod. I really like Bush Hamden, but like I said he's a senior, meaning there would be another quarterback competition next year, making it three years in a row. I'm happy to report this will not be the case. If all goes well, Moore will be behind center for the next four years, hopefully building another BCS team in the meantime.
You may be asking, can a freshman really lead this team? He absolutely can, I assure you. Here's some of his stats from high school I got from The Idaho Statesman:

"He was the Gatorade Player of the Year in Washington after setting career records for completions (787) and touchdown passes (173) and single-season records for touchdown passes (67 as a senior), passing yards (4,600 as a junior) and completions (317 as a junior)."

Yeah, those are playstation numbers. I had a chance to watch two public scrimmages during fall camp and felt more confidence after each one that Moore should be the starter. He's very smooth with a natural feel for the game. The left hander makes the offense flow very well. He seems to not get rattled even when under pressure or after throwing an interception. Those are attributes that can't really be taught. Also, learning the Bronco playbook so well after only one season as a redshirt is quite impressive (Boise State runs almost a 1,000 different plays). Coach Peterson said of Moore that he's already "setting new standards" when it comes to watching game film. Knowing that he's a freshman makes it even more impressive.
I'm sure he'll do a great job, but if for some reason it doesn't work out for him it's a good feeling to know there are some great quarterbacks behind him just dying at an opportunity to play. I've seen them all play, and they've all done a very good job. I just happen to think Moore can be a special player. It makes me even "Moore" excited for the season to "kick" off. Haha, sorry, I couldn't help it.

I know he'll make his hometown of Prosser, Washington proud and certainly the city of Boise.
Maybe there's too much hype already, but I'm sure he can handle it. That's what good quarterbacks do, thrive under pressure.

It should be a good season.


Brent Hope said...

Check it Yo.

Moore's hometown Prosser High School has 708 students. That puts them smack dab in the middle of the 2A classification as stated in your blog. The new standard for 2A classification in Washington State is 468 - 928 students. That is roughly the same size of the schools that our league was in back in St.Anthony in 1982. We were closer to 400 and Madison was closer to 1000. It was a very competetive league back in the day with, SF, Madison, Rigby, Shelley and Salmon (don't forget the Savages). We were by far the smallest school competing. Today that league is completely dismantled with SF dropping a classification and competing with such teams as, Teton, Sugar, Shelley and Salmon.

Gotta love a guy like Moore who comes from a smaller high school in small town America.

jeremy said...

Great insight!

I completely agree with you. I like cheering for a guy from a smaller place, just like us. I enjoy knowing he "rewrote" Washington State record books from a smaller school.
He's been named one of the better quarterbacks to come out of Washington state, yet many PAC-10 schools were leary about him because he's ONLY 6ft.
What about guys like Doug Flutie and Drew Brees??
Hey, Joe Montana was "undersized", I remember things working out pretty well for him!!

I've seen that kid play. He has that "it" factor.

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