December 27, 2008

Tommy Boy

Every now and again when I'm watching a movie a character does something and I think to myself, "that's exactly what I would have done!" Almost anyone can relate to that same moment when watching a movie.

There's a scene in the movie Tommy Boy that completely depicts how I would react. Watch Tommy (Chris Farley).

I've done that same thing so many times. I don't think it ever involved ripping off a car door though. I've even said what Tommy said. Whadd-ya-do??

December 24, 2008

Pictures and living room football

My sweet wife Becka got us a new camera as a pre-Christmas present the other day. We've wanted a new one for several months now. Last night I snapped my first good picture with it. Noah and Dad relaxing.

As I've mentioned a couple blogs ago, the boys and I spend a lot of time playing football in the house. Eric is the receiver, Timo is defense, and Becka has stepped in as the "backup" quarterback while I run the camera.

Eric has such a high voice, sometimes it's hard to understand him on video. Eric said, "face mask on Timo!"

December 22, 2008

Sugar cookies

Last night the family made some sugar cookies. The boys of course were more then happy to help. Noah, so proud of what he created. Isn't she sweet? Timo tends to get a bit carried away with the frosting. That's OK, the frosting is the good part. Ooooh, colorful. I helped some with the cookies, but I was mostly pre-occupied with Full Throttle. I would drink it in my sleep if I could.

December 20, 2008

Back online....finally

What in the h-e-double hockey sticks did I ever do for entertainment and information before the Internet forced it's way into our house several years ago?

Our cable (and internet) was shut off nearly four weeks ago thanks to us ignoring the threats from the bill collecting department at CableOne. We've had the cable shut off before but never more then a few days. Knowing this, I wasn't very concerned about not having the TV to provide me with entertainment. I was concerned about the internet. Think about how much you rely on the internet for information now. Here's a visual to remind you:

To fill in the time I would normally use to surf the net, I had to find some other things to do, like:

-Watch several movies (some of them twice, but not in a row)

-Started a great book (it's long with big words so I hope I finish it)

-Hooked up my playstation again (Before I could play it, I had to take it apart and fix it which was great because just fixing it took up about three hours)

-Me and the boys spent several hours playing football in our living room. I'm the quarterback, Eric is the receiver/running back, Timo plays defense. It's best that way.

-Doing dishes, although, I'm currently on strike. So, if anyone can donate some clean plates, bowls, and spoons it would be greatly appreciated. We still have an abundance of forks. I don't know why.

-Cleaned out our storage space/large closet in the living room. (No joke here, I was just proud I did it....but seriously, we need some spoons)

-I found my computer game Sim City 3000. I built the thriving city of "Rigopolis". When I was bored with my city I later destroyed it with tornados, earthquakes, and UFOs.

Becka and I also continued our quest to sample unusual foods. We ate baby octopus again and I gotta say, although we slightly burned it this time, I genuinely enjoy eating it. Becka likes the tentacles but she can't bring herself to eat the head. Every time she tries, it always results in her running to the garbage. It's awesome. I prefer to think the head is the best part.

We also tried a fruit called durian. This spikey fruit is imported from Asia to our local asian markets. This was the first food I was a little nervous to try. Saying this fruit has a bad smell is a large understatement. Once you cut into durian it emits a strong smell of stinky feet and onions. And anything else you can think of that smells horrible. Knowing this beforehand, both Becka and I knew the key was getting past the smell because supposedly it tastes good.

When you take the first bite of it's custard like texture you experience sweet fruity flavor quickly followed by the taste of those horrible smells I listed above. Me being a moron, I feel like I have to try everything at least twice. I took about 5-6 bites and I couldn't take it anymore. I can proudly say I've tried it but I'm never eat it again.

Another food Becka and I had been wanting to try was tongue. So we did. We had pork tongue. I've heard this is a delicious cut of meat if you can get past what it is. We cooked it in the crock pot for a few hours, then I seared it on the griddle. It was very good.

Eric said it best before we ate. Eric notices the crock pot and says:

"What are we having for dinner?"

Me: "Tongue."

Eric: "Human tongue?!?"

Me: "No, pig tongue."

Eric: "Oh....good."

I agree.

Also, the tongue was the most fun food to play with. I apologize if I sent anyone "running to the garbage."

Take that Gene Simmons!

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