April 29, 2010

Anthrax (Not the band)

You gotta love Garfield. I know I do.

April 27, 2010

Needed Haircut

I acquired an interesting picture over the weekend. It was taken five years ago when we moved back from Las Vegas. I would vote this picture into the "my most favorite picture that I look the most terrible in" category. I look like a lazy member of the Taliban.

Eric looks so cute in the picture too, especially with baby Timo peeking around him.

Anyway, I wanted to share this slightly embarrassing picture, so here you go.

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April 21, 2010

Eric and Timo at the Boise Depot

The building behind Eric and Timo is the old Boise Depot. It was built in 1925 so I figured black and white would look good. A little panorama helps, too. By the way, how awesome are panoramic pictures? Very...awesome.

What do you think?

Click to Enlarge (it looks better that way).

April 18, 2010

Warning: Proud Father Alert

April 17th was a day Eric, Timo, and myself had marked in our mental calendars for a couple months. This is the day of the annual Blue-Orange Spring game at Boise State. Prior to the scrimmage starting there were a lot of activities for the kids to do. The boys were able to participate in a football style obstacle course, get their pictures taken with the 2010 Fiesta Bowl trophy, play around in one of those inflatable playhouse thingies, and some other activities.

Quick Side Note: I badly and I mean BADLY want to go play inside one of those inflatable playhouses. I would just jump in there but there has to be some sort of weight limit. I don't need a bunch of pointing and laughing in my direction, especially from 9 year olds.

After a short time, the famed blue turf field was opened up to any kids 12 and under and they were able to participate in drills that the actual players do during practices. Parents weren't allowed on the actual field (so we wouldn't get in the way)but we were able to stand on the sidelines to watch. The best part was most of the players were involved with the drills. Eric and Timo went from drill to drill introducing themselves to certain players. Some of the players were Austin Pettis, Titus Young, Kyle Efaw, Kellen Moore, Brandyn Thompson, Jeron Johnson, Winston Venable, Kyle Brotzman, and several others. Eric doesn't have a shy bone in his body so he has no problem walking up to players and striking up conversations. Timo gladly followed Eric around with just as much enthusiasm.

Eric had a moment he'll never forget when he was mingling with Fiesta Bowl MVP Brandyn Thompson. I'm going to preface this short story by telling you I didn't actually see this happen so this is all according to Eric.
Anyway, when at Brandyn Thompson's station, Eric thew him a pass. Thompson caught the pass and stood there for a moment staring at Eric. Thompson then got the attention of some coaches who were nearby and said "you have to watch this kid throw." Eric gladly obliged and threw the ball a few more times for them. As far as I know, afterward the coaches told him good job and the boys moved on to their next drill. The humble part of me needs to remind you this is Eric's story so it's quite possible he wasn't throwing for actual "coaches." But as you know, it doesn't really matter because Eric impressed one of his favorite football players with some of his own football skills.
Eric was beaming after this happened. It was awesome. It's sort of funny because he's been working on technique throwing the ball lately. When holding the ball he knows, keep the ball high, keep your elbows low, step into the throw, thrust with your shoulders and hips, and follow through. After learning these fundamentals, his first big payoff was impressing one of his idols. Not bad.

Quick Side Note #2: Earlier that morning we were able to sign Eric up to play football this fall. As an 8 year old he's required to play flag football this year. Next year he'll move on to tackle. This will be Eric's first year and he is super excited. I know, because he reminds me every 10 minutes.

All right, onto the visual part of the blog. As always I was camera ready for this event.

This is the smoke-filled helmet the players run through before every home game. When we walked through the helmet Eric MADE Timo and I simulate the players' entrance into Bronco Stadium.

Eric being very focused running through the obstacle course.

Eric isn't the only kid in the family with throwing skills. Check out Timo's form as he readies to heave this ball. I'm going to pretend that the guy behind him is some sort of scout.

Eric and Timo proudly posing with the Fiesta Bowl trophy.

I just thought this picture was funny because of the way Eric is looking at Austin Pettis. I can't say I blame him. According to cbs.com, Pettis is ranked as the #2 receiver in the country going into this fall season.

Eric and Timo waiting to get an autograph from Kicker/Punter Kyle Brotzman. If you watched the Fiesta Bowl you probably remember the "riddler" play when Brotzman faked the punt and threw the ball to Kyle Efaw for a 27 yard gain. That play gave the Broncos momentum that led to a game winning touchdown.

And of course, the boys just had to get their picture taken with Buster Bronco.

Quick Side Note #3: As you can see, I'm standing on the blue turf to take this picture. I just wanted to point out this my first time on the famous blue turf....legally. And I've been on it at least half a dozen other times. There's been a couple incidences where I went to the stadium, found an open gate and wandered on in only to have someone close the gate after I took the field. So yeah, I've had to hop the gate a couple times to get back out. One time my friends Justin and Nate were with me. Good times.

Now here's a couple short videos. In the first video we see Timo running the obstacle course with an over sized Bronco football helmet on his head. Be sure to listen for Timo's grunt as he tackles the dummy. After watching the video a couple times I've come up with the theory that Timo pretended to have trouble handling the ball just so that girl would come up and help him.

Here's Eric and Timo on the field doing a tackling dummy drill. Those lucky little boys.

Afterwards, we finally watched the game. An estimated 12,000 people showed up to see the Broncos. It was an awesome day.

April 12, 2010

I'm with CoCo

"In three months I've gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I'm headed to basic cable," O'Brien said in a statement. "My plan is working perfectly."

For us Conan O'Brien fans, good news came today when it was announced O'Brien would have a new talk show on TBS. It sounds like most people were expecting Conan to make the move to FOX. If you think about it, cable TV makes sense for Conan and his self described "arbitrary humor."

I'm not a Conan maniac or anything. Heck, when he was on NBC, I went through phases of watching him nightly for a few weeks straight, to not watching his show for a few months straight. However, I do feel comforted knowing Conan will be there on my TV when I need him....Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. eastern standard time....starting in November.

April 9, 2010


Alrighty then, I just took a month long blogging sabbatical. What the heck have I been doing besides blogging? Well, for one thing I fell in love with the TV series Arrested Development. I should have listened to Justin a few years ago when he was telling me to watch the show. Better late than never!
Anyway, more than anything, I found this website where you post one new picture every day for an entire year. It's kind of hard to stick with, especially for me because I'm about as inconsistent as they come. So far I've done pretty well, though. You're supposed to post a brand new picture everyday, so as you can imagine, I've taken an enormous amount of pictures since I started. Here's some of the pictures I've taken recently:

If you want to visit the site, here's the link to visit my profile and see more pictures. 365 Project. I'll put a link on the side bar of my blog too.

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