August 17, 2009

After while crocodile

Well, I knew this day would come. Honestly, I'm surprised I kept this blog as long as I did. I'm not gonna lie, I have consistency problems. For me staying on track with one thing for longer than a week is a big achievement. Maybe even medal worthy.

I've blogged on a regular basis for about 14 months. And although I get an enormous amount of pleasure out of blogging I'm going to put it on hold for a while. I'm cursed with this horrible disease of being easily discouraged. It's ridiculous. If you mount that on top of me being a person who analyzes every single situation to death it makes for a bad combination. The analyzing thing is also ridiculous. Sometimes it's beneficial for me, other times it just wreaks havoc on me mentally.

However, I'm not going to completely fade away from the blogosphere. I'll be checking on blogs that are part of my daily routine, leaving my ultra-witty comments. You know comments like, "great post!" And, "that was funny!" Besides that I can't completely shut the door on blogging. I did say I get a lot of pleasure from it. Even Michael Jordan had to retire from basketball three different times. I'm not saying I'm the Michael Jordan of blogging...the Kurt Rambis of blogging is probably a better fit for me. I may feel the need to write some drivel occasionally. Who knows? In the meantime, I encourage you to check Becka's blog regularly for our family updates. She officially takes the reigns as family spokesman in the blogger world.

Until next time....

I never understood how Kurt Rambis kept those glasses on his face while he played.


Our apartment complex in Nampa foreclosed, yada yada yada, we're moving to Boise.

August 16, 2009

Picture of the Week

This whole Picture of the Week theme has really caught fire. Jeremy's Forum is already receiving all sorts of accolades for being so freakin' awesome!

What's that? Oh...I'm dreaming again. Dang. Well, on with picture of the week.

Last Thursday, the Boise State Football team had their first scrimmage of fall camp. Even though our Jeep was broke down on Thursday, Becka and I showed our true dedication and support to Boise State by packing up our entire family, walking two and a half miles to the bus stop and riding the bus to Boise. Of course when we got back to Nampa, it was another two and a half mile walk home. A five mile walk is easy, but a five mile walk with a 35 pound kid on your shoulders in the summer heat is another story. No matter what, it was worth it and we all had fun.

Editors Note: We've upgraded to a Suburban since then. Many thanks to Becka's family.

While at the scrimmage I had my camera in hand with fully charged batteries ready to capture some action. I came away with some decent shots.

For best results, click on pictures to enlarge.

There's nothing really special about this picture other than, if you notice the tackler, his helmet is popping off. I didn't even see that in the picture until it was uploaded on the computer.

Wide Receiver, Aaron Burks broke away from the defense temporarily for a long play, until some defenders almost caught up to him causing Burks to make a leap into the end zone. You can see from this action shot, Burks crossed the plain with the football. Burks is one of those kids who graduated high school a semester early just so he could start college a semester early, thus joining the football team early. This helps give freshman a one up on the other freshman that don't join the team until several months later. This is becoming more of a regular trend in college football, including Boise State.

This picture of Titus Young running the football is my favorite. Young has crazy fast speed as you can see here as he blazes past other players including number 16, Cedric Febis, a local product (via the Netherlands) from Bishop Kelly High School in Boise. Titus Young missed most of last season. Us Bronco fans are straight giddy to have him back.

That's it for this week. Boise State scrimmages again this Friday, so prepare your retinas for the possibility of more blue turf pictures next week. But then again, who knows, maybe I'll get a picture of a rainbow, or maybe a person with an arm growing out their head.

August 11, 2009

Boise Panoramic

A couple months ago I went to this place called Crescent Rim in Boise to take some pictures. I stitched these five pictures together to make a panoramic from west downtown Boise to Bronco Stadium. Crescent Rim is a popular place to take downtown pictures. In recent years as downtown Boise has grown, Cresecent Rim isn't the best place for pictures since newer buildings hide some of the older downtown buildings, especially the state capitol. Either way, I like the view, plus you have Ann Morrison park beneath you while you take pics.
Anyway, if you want a good look at this bad boy, be sure to enlarge it.

August 9, 2009

Picture of the Week

(Click to enlarge)

Yes, that is our peephole looking straight out our front door directly at our stagnant Jeep. It took me a bazillion tries to get the focus locked through the peephole. After trying for several days I finally got it. I think it's pretty cool lookin'. I feel funny saying the word peephole though...peephole.

August 8, 2009


Don't get snooty.

August 4, 2009

Simple Task

You ask your 7 year old to do a simple task such as cleaning his ears and this is what happens. Go figure.

August 3, 2009

Picture of the Week

I'm going to give my best shot at creating a weekly feature for my blog. I have consistency issues but I feel pretty good about keeping up on this one.

As you can tell it will be a picture of the week theme. The pictures I choose to feature each week won't be just some random picture from any time. Usually, I take many pictures each week, heck, sometimes hundreds! So, I will choose a picture I've taken in the last week and blog it.

Okay, so the premise has been explained and now on with the pictures.

To start off week one I'm choosing two pictures. Why? Number one, this is one of those weeks when I took hundreds of pictures. And reason number two is, I control this here blog so I'll do what I want with it.

If it seems like I've posted too many pictures of one of my family members swimming or bridge jumping recently, it's because I have. Despite that, I happen to really like this one. In the beginning of summer, it took us a few days to convince Eric to jump off the bridge. After he did it the first time he's been hooked ever since. Noah on the other hand.... not quite as comfortable in the water yet. Noah does pretty good in still water but this picture was taken at the Boise river, where the current is kinda fast...for a two year old that is. This picture cracks me up, even if he does look a bit possessed.

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