August 8, 2008

Boise State Football!!!!

Anyone who knew me in the 90's knows how big of a Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan I was. I may have been obsessed for a while. I can tell you right now, Michael Jordan and the Bulls can't even compare how much I love Boise State Football.
You can call it an obsession, passion, dedication or whatever.
On every game day here in Boise there's always a buzz in the air. There's always dozens of cars driving around with their Boise State flags flapping in the wind. Any restaurant you eat at, the staff is wearing their Boise State T-shirts. If you visit any of the Boise State athletic stores (called Bronco Shop) on game day, it looks like Christmas shopping with all the customers buying the latest gear to support the team. The could and do wear their new gear at Bronco Stadium, a downtown bar, a restaurant with TVs, or even at home. In the week leading up to the next game Boise State Football dominates the radio airwaves, particularly on the local ESPN radio affiliate. Talking match ups, injuries, interviews, odds, speculations, scores, records and anything else Bronco Football.
Fall camp began for Bronco Football this last Monday. There's a lot to talk about this year. One is the "disappointing" 10-3 record from last year including dropping two straight to end the season. 10-3 is a good if not great season in most places. Not here. It's mediocre. And that's not good enough.
Two, is the QB battle taking place two years in a row. Right now, it's down to the senior Bush Hamdan and the redshirt freshman Kellen Moore. My advice: go with the freshman, start building the team for the next four years instead of going through another QB battle next year, making three in a row.
Three, is the young and undersized offensive line. Only one starter returns from last year which means there will be four freshman starting this year. There could possible be one junior but nonetheless, at least three freshman.
Defense can handle it's own and Boise State is loaded at the skill positions, including QB, once they decide who to play.

Fall camp began earlier this week and the buzz is already in the air. The countdown to the first game against Idaho State has been narrowed down to 22 days. Boise State Football is the main topic of conversation in the area. If you're stuck in an elevator with someone you don't feel the need to comment on the weather. There's more of a chance you have Bronco Football in common then knowing what the weather is like. Instead of, "it's going to be hot out today", it's more like this, "how many yards do you think Ian Johnson will get this year?"
In Boise, Bronco Football is a way of life. There's a reason we are called "Bronco Nation". I look forward to Bronco Football 8 months out of the year. Finally, finally, fall camp has started and it's almost game time.
You can feel the buzz in the air, it's a good time to be in Boise.


kevanlee said...

Yes, go Broncos! I can't wait for August 30, which is probably more than Idaho State can say. It should be awesome, ugly, and wonderful all at the same time.

Here's a link to a Boise State site I run. This post below is about the BSU QB race. Have a good one.

Brent Hope said...

Jeremy, you have some D1 elegibility left don't you? Why don't you go line-up behind center for the next 4 years? Those other two quarterbacks might be good but they have never thrown boulders like you!!

jeremy said...

I should play QB for the Broncos. I would have to wear a perma-red jersey though so no one could tackle me...I, uh, don't run so fast anymore.

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