July 31, 2008

Rock on

When you first see this picture, I'm sure you're thinking one of two things, maybe both, which is:
"Wow! Look how easily he is hurling that boulder! He must have superhuman strength!"


"Why does Jeremy only have half of an arm? Did he lose half of it in a boating accident?!?"

Perhaps, it could be, "How did he throw that rock with a stumpy arm?"

While these questions might be racing through your head, I can assure you I still have two non-stumpy arms with hands at the ends. With that said, I may have superhuman strength.

Really the story is, the family and I went to Lake Lowell today, which is near Nampa since we've never been. Usually when we take the family to a lake, river, ocean or whatever Eric and Timo always have the time of their lives by simply throwing rock after rock into the water. Eric and Timo weren't with us today since they are spending time with their cousins. I knew throwing rocks into water was something little boys love to do. I've heard some boys never grow out of it.
It turns out that can be true, at least with me it is. For some reason on our past visits to bodies of water I never threw too many, just some here and there. On the beach of Lake Lowell it was loaded with rocks. I couldn't contain myself, I was throwing rock after rock.
It's a little different when you're grown up though. Little boys will throw almost any rock they can get there dirty hands on. I discovered I was looking for two different kinds; rocks you can skip and big rocks that will big a huge splash.
I never thought I would have so much fun doing something so simple. Maybe it reminds me of being a kid again. Maybe it was really fun only for today. I think it could be fun again...as long as I find big enough rocks to hurl with my superhuman strength.

Here's Noah at 22 months old winding up to throw his own rock. You can see this fascination starts at an early age.


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