July 25, 2008

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

Thanks to getting the internet back last week, my hiatus from blogging is over! After moving Becka and the boys to Nampa last month it's been a roller coaster. Actually it's been one long continous plane ride for me. I stay part time in Seattle and part time at home in Nampa while I wait impatiently for my transfer to the Boise Airport.
My normal work week is Saturday through Wednesday. I try to work as much as possible in this period of time, picking up extra shifts whenever possible. Lately, overtime has a been a little harder to come by. So what do I do in my spare time? Naturally, I fly...home...then come back...an hour or two later.
When I can't pick up extra hours in the evening I try to fly home even if it's only a couple hours. Then, every Wednesday night I fly home(warm weather), stay two nights, then fly back to Seattle (cold weather, I know, it's July, summer lasted two weeks...that's not a joke, it's a fact).
Then it's back to the grind of working and flying.

Now, I figure I fly a minimum of 2-4 round trippers per week. That's up to 8 individual flights per week (I know everyone can add, it added emphasis). The catch is I don't always take the direct flights. I fly standby and flights between Seattle and Boise are busy. It's not uncommon to go through Califorina, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho before finally making it home. Or back to Seattle for that matter. As you can imagine I've read a lot of books in the last month due to all the flying, including a 600 page bonzer about the Bin Ladens. I barely finished it, I'm proud of myself.

To top things off, Horizon Airlines serves one speficic snack for an entire month before switching to something different. I am so tired of Bruschetta. Remember, this is airplane food, so it's more like stale bread chips. The first 12 times or so I had this bagged stale treat I thought they were "ok". Now, I put them in my back pack until I have a huge collection then give them to my boys on one of my trips home. They devour several bags in minutes like a pack of hyenas over a dead antelope.

Through this unusual grind I remind myself how lucky I am to be fortunate to spend so much time with my family despite working 500 miles away from them. Hopefully I will get my transfer soon. Then we can get back to "normal".


Brent Hope said...

Awesome post! You're a great writer! Get over to SV and visit me!!

Becka said...

Okay, okay, I'm ready for you to turn those airplanes eastward and head home to me!!!

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