August 15, 2008


Here's the deal, there's no story or real significance to this picture other than every time I see it it makes me laugh. Timo is about 2 and a half in this picture. His goofiness us unparalleled, except maybe his mother.
It's simple, anyone who knows Timo, loves Timo. That's why he has the nickname Timo. For him the name Tim or Timothy is too boring. The nickname Timo spices it up a bit with big serving of goofiness. Sometimes it's hard to be mad at him because he'll make this ridiculous face that makes me smirk...or bust into laughter.
He's a special little boy with a huge and I mean gigantinormous heart. He'll do anything just to make you happy. The name Timo characterizes who he is. It's a whole package. His birth certificate may say, Timothy Steven Rigby, but to us...he's Timo.


Brent Hope said...

Timo is the Man!!!

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