August 28, 2008

Ginger beef

Ginger Beefalicious! Unfortunately this picture is off the internet and not the actual dish we ate. Our camera is completely broke so this will do for now.

To continue my food theme here another day you can see Becka and I are still on an asian kick.
This time we had a dish called ginger beef and it was phenomenal. That's not a word I just throw around, I really mean it. The combination of sweet and salty for this dish along with a bit of a citrus flavor (hence the ginger) left me completely satisfied. Satisfied sounds so boring. It was a taste explosion! A party in my mouth! Anyway, I'll stop before this gets out of control.

The Chinese got it right when it comes to food. I'll let the communism slide a bit as long as they make my taste buds happy.

Due to popular demand our recipes have been requested. The only catch is we get the recipes off the internet then slightly alter it to our liking. One of my favorite places to go is


Brent Hope said...

Yum! Remember Peep? She was the cambodian that lived in the little house before you. She could make the most remarkable ginger beef. oooooooooo!!

So what are we eating Friday night?

jeremy said...

Of course, thinking of Peep is what gave us the idea.

We'll figure out something good for Friday!!

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