September 1, 2008

Kellen Moore follow-up

Saturday night, as expected Boise State beat the crap out of in-state foe, Idaho State. Final score was 49-7. My pre-game prediction was 49-3. No applause necessary.
I'm going to avoid making this some sort of BSU post game analysis blog. Instead, this is more of a follow up to my blog that I posted a couple weeks ago. You know, the one where I was so excited Boise State announced their new starting quarterback, freshman Kellen Moore. Here is a picture to remind you:

Saturday, was Moore's college football debut and I dare say he exceeded expectations.

He was 14-19 for 274 yards, 2 touchdowns and most important, no INTs.

It was more then his stats even though they were great. Oh, I forgot to mention. Those stats were through three quarters! Anyway, he has great pocket presence and never panicked. He picked apart the defense. He dumped the ball off when he had to and even completed an 80 yard bomb to Titus Young which he took to the house. The long heave was an absolute perfect pass.

Forget that Idaho State is a lower level of competition. We're talking about his college debut in front of a Boise State crowd with very lofty expectations. He should have showed signs of nervousness. He didn't. He has ice in his veins.

Of course he will show what he is really made of over the next two games and ultimately the rest of the season. The next two games Boise faces Bowling Green (they beat PITT in PITT this weekend), then after that they travel to Eugene to play Oregon. One of the hardest stadiums to play in the nation. Eventually he'll make some mistakes. Even Bronco Nation knows that, but the signs of a great college quarterback are already noticeable.

Mark my words and live by them. He WILL and I believe it unequivocally, Moore will lead Boise State to another BCS bowl game before he leaves the Broncos. I would bet the farm on it without thinking twice. Right now the team is very very young but very very talented. It will happen behind the left arm of Kellen Moore.

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