September 16, 2008

Weekend visit

The four of us last year at Table Rock in Boise

This past weekend one of my best friends from my kidhood (yeah I made that up) came to visit Becka and I. My friend Justin and his pretty wife Kjerstin visited us for the first time since being back in Idaho.

We always enjoy their company but to me it was especially sweet this time. Justin is one of those people who "get" me.

Plus, my brother Brent and I, talk about how we "married up." Justin has definately done this with Kjerstin.  

Anyway, I was happy they were able to drive over from Rexburg this weekend to visit.

Oh yeah, here's a subtle hint.....

Becka and I wish Justin and Kjerstin would move closer to Boise.


Justin said...

Thanks from both of us man. We really appreciate your friendship. I hope we can do it again soon. Oh, I watched "Rad" and it was a total trip. I forgot that people actually used to wear space suits... and they were the bullies! :)

Jeremy said...

Space suits are underrated. I wear a space suit to bed instead of my jammies.

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