September 18, 2008

Then came Eric....thank goodness!

Yep, that's me. Go ahead, laugh, it's ok, I'll wait.......there's a lot to notice about this goofy picture. First, I'm wearing adult cowboy boots, I have 80's hair, for some reason I'm sticking my fingers in both ears, you can see my mom's giant hair in the shadow, and I'm in my underwear, pee stained underwear mind you. I look at this picture and at the least smirk everytime.

Then I look at pictures of my boys, specifically Eric and realize how blessed I am they got Becka's looks. Phewwww!!
When I want to see a naked kid in cowboy boots with pee stained underwear jamming his fingers into both ears I'll look at my childhood pictures. I have a theory of why I was always plugging my ears but that's for another post....and maybe therapy.
Anyway, I'm glad Eric is turning into such a handsome little guy. He's always photogentic and I'm happily jealous.

He also throws a mean football!


Brent Hope said...

You were conditioned to place fingers in both ears at a young age due to my horrible swearing and cussing. Looking at your 80's hair has reminded me that I still wear 80's hair today.

That picture of you is the best ever!!

Jeremy said...

I can only dream about having 80's hair now. *sigh*

Jessumca said...

This is so cute! I love those pictures. Those boots are just hilarious and I think my brother Brent has a similar picture in big boots too. I also agree that Eric and the rest of your boys are so handsome.

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