September 28, 2008

Happy #2

Yesterday, our third little boy, Noah, turned 2. We've been lucky so far with Eric and Timo, so we don't really fear the "terrible twos." Although, Noah might be the first one to install that fear.
He's usually a good little boy. He always lights up our day with his love and infectious personality. Only he and Jack Black can make 50 different faces per second.

Noah's 3 favorite things:

Cake (of course)
Showing off his round belly
Boise State

We start the Boise State brainwashing early around here.

Happy Birthday Noah!!

After a long day, Mommy and birthday boy need a well deserved nap.


Brent Hope said...

Noah is the best!!! Happy Birthday Noah!

Jessumca said...

oh happy birthday Noah! He is so cute and always in a good mood!

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