August 23, 2008

Another favorite picture

Here's another favorite picture of mine. This picture of Becka, Timo, and Eric was taken a little more then four years ago. We were living in Las Vegas at the time.

I think there's a few different ways you could view this picture. To me it's simple, just a mother loving her boys. Holding them close, the boys love her right back with complete trust.

Looking back at when I took this picture there's another thing I think of when I see it. It was mid-June then, and so freaking hot! I appreciate mom and the boys cuddling together for a few minutes in a house that was more or less a baking oven so I could take another picture.


Becka said...

I love this picture, it brings back warm and fuzzy memories. That was such a hot, sweaty summer though, I'm surprised we even found the energy to move around there!

Brent Hope said...

Don't let the Hollywood types see this picture or you'll find yourself in a new "Reality Program" called: The Sweaty Rigby's

jeremy said...

It's ok, I have no shame. If hollywood found us we'd be more popular then american idol!

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