March 29, 2009

Yeah, I was a stunt double

I once had a gig as Michael Jordan's stunt double. Unfortunately, I was fired after one game for refusing to wear the required uniform. My blue polo shirt was comfortable and I could not part ways with it. I'm proud to say despite only playing one game I made one of the biggest highlights in NBA history. You may have seen the dunk when "Michael Jordan" leaped from the free throw line and flushed the ball right in the hoop. That was me. His stunt double. Jordan was battling a case of food poisoning that night so I stepped in. There's an urban legend going around that this free throw line dunk was actually in a dunk contest. This is not true. It was a real game. The other team was just playing really bad defense.

Feel free to call me Dr. Jrig (many thanks to cbhoop).


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