March 19, 2009

Scimmage pictures

Even with the NCAA basketball tournament in town, spring football at Boise State is gathering its usual attention. Today, was the first of three scimmages for spring football. Of course I was in attendance, and even came away with some decent pictures.

Backup quarterback Mike Coughlin starts off the scimmage with the second team offense and makes a nice throw on the run.

Kellen Moore grabs his helmet as he gets ready for action.

Last year's Freshman All-American Kellen Moore surveys the defense before the snap.

Local Boise product, wide receiver Mitch Burroughs scores a touchdown!

The offensive and defensive lineman go head-to-head.

Kicker, Kyle Brotzman kicks a 50 yard field goal. Look at that leg!

Play was momentarily stopped while two geese flew just a few feet off the ground right over the field. Just before the two geese found a place to perch I got a picture of one.
Remember, all these pictures are viewed best when enlarged.


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