March 21, 2009

NCAA Tournament Pictures

Yesterday, I had the thrilling opportunity of attending two first round games of the NCAA basketball tournament in Boise. My brother Brent was able to get us tickets. Thank you Brent! Eric and I went to the morning session.

First we watched Marquette vs. Utah State, then 27 minutes after that game ended, we watched Cornell vs. Missouri. As we were walking up to Taco Bell Arena the buzz in the air was obvious. Then, we enter through the front doors of the arena and walk up the stairs. By now we can hear the band playing as we search for the correct door that leads us to our seats. Now, we experience one of my favorite feelings. That's when you walk through the correct door and you see the basketball court and all the seats inside. Before we actually sat down, the buzz turned into electricity that surrounded the significance of the tournament games about to be played. I've been to many sporting events on several different levels. I assure you, experiencing just the first round of the NCAA tournament, also known as, "the big dance" was one of the best sports atmospheres I've been to. Amazing. If you haven't already noticed, I take my camera almost everywhere. So, again, here's just a few pictures I took at the game.

Underdog Utah State brings the ball up the floor.

Marquette buries another three.

Thanks to Quayle, Utah State finds its rythm in the second half.

The opening tip-off of the second game between, Cornell and Missouri.

Cornell gets a dunk on a rare fast break. Good job white guy!

A Missouri cheerleader, mid-backflip.

Since Utah State represents the same conference as Boise State and with Utah State being only a few hours drive away, the crowd was dominately in favor of Utah State. That made the game even more exciting, especially since some of the student section from Utah State made the trip. Utah played horrible for most of the first half until they finally calmed down in the second half. Here's a video of when late in the game Utah State hit a three to go up by six. Unfortunately, they couldn't hold onto the lead and lost by one. A great game though. Anyway, here's the video that sort of captures the excitement in Taco Bell Arena.


Brent Hope said...

Great Pictures. Both you and I have pictures of cheerleaders doing back-flips. Just another thing we have in common. That with the V-rifling and all.

Jeremy said...

Who would have known such markings would create similar persnoalities?
This sounds like a National Geographic special waiting to happen.

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