April 2, 2009

A smile and some dope

Today I was browsing through some pictures from our Tacoma days. I found a couple pictures I've deemed as blogworthy.

First, we have a goofy picture of Noah. He's about 7 months old here. This picture still makes me chuckle but it also scares me a little if I look at it for too long.

Next, is your neighborhood drug bust. I couldn't help but notice the DEA swarming around a house a couple doors down from our own back door. Then I noticed the DEA members walking out of the house with several pots of reefer. Yeah, I prefer the name reefer. If you enlarge the picture and look behind the van you'll notice these fine citizens had quite the operation growing inside their home. Those aren't potted ferns you're looking at.


Becka said...

That picture is hi-lar-ious of Noni! How much personality can one baby have?

That picture of the reefer is a weird memory for me too! I remember the cops having their guns drawn at a car that pulled up and how awkward it was having the boys outside! Creepy! By the way, that is a lot of doper!

Jeremy said...

I forgot about the guns thing.

Oddly enough, I've experienced that a few times. I must have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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