April 19, 2009

More Nature Shots

Here I am, taking pictures as usual. It turns out I really enjoy taking pictures of nature, especially during spring. I'm easily entertained by bright colors.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm proud of some of these. I strongly encourage you to click on the pictures and view them enlarged.

I walked down the street to take a look at a house for sale. No specific reason, I was just bored. As I'm studying the outside of this empty house I notice a lot of bees and wasps buzzing around. Here's a close-up of a wasp building a home of his own. In the original picture the wasp is upside down. I flipped the picture around just for kicks. I think the wasp looks cooler this way.

I took this picture at the same house. It's a dandelion showing it's "seed-baring parachutes."

A simple focus of a tree that's still going through the budding process. I don't know the name of the tree but while the leaves look like little flowers they give off a distinct smell. I'm still trying to figure out if the smell is good or bad.

This is my personal favorite. It's the same tree but with the bright blue sky as the background. This bright blue is my favorite color. Also, this picture makes a stellar background for your computer.

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Brent Hope said...

Great pictures. I really like the Wasp and the Dandelion. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! That sounds like the title of a new children's book!!!!

"The Wasp and The Dandelion."
By B. Hope

I'll give you a cut of the dough I make from this.

Jeremy said...

Yes! I knew I felt inspired to take those pictures for a reason!

Duane Colyar said...

Excellent photography, Jerms. You'v got the eye for good shots.

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