May 24, 2009

Bike Jumps

Good afternoon.

There's a bazillion and a half kids that live in our apartment complex. Most of the boys that live in the complex spend good portions of their day riding bikes. Many of those boys spend a lot of their time jumping off their easily constructed bike jump which consists of a skateboard with missing wheels gently lied onto a curb.

Eric and Timo love this jump. I've watched the boys do this jump several times and I've noticed they have vastly different styles. Example:

First we have Eric. Eric is pure concentration as he makes this jump. His body is positioned well to brace himself when he lands. Eric seems to be in total control.

As you can see, Timo isn't quite as composed. He is still trying trying to master the art of coordination. This picture sort of sums up Timo with him being out of control and all. Every time Timo lands, it's with a hard thud and he lets out a huge, "oooohhh!"

I laughed so hard when I uploaded those pictures on the computer and looked at them. To see the difference between the two always gives me a chuckle.

To be fair, what you don't see in this picture is Timo is incredibly athletic. One of his favorite superheros is the Incredible Hulk. This makes perfect sense because Timo so strong for such a little kid. Every once in a while I remind Eric to be nice to Timo because in a couple years when Timo becomes more coordinated he may throw a mean punch in Eric's direction.

Those are my two bike jumpers. As always, if you want the full effect, click pictures to enlarge.


Becka said...

These pics are so hilarious! I can't help but smile when I look at the differences in them!

Great post!

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