February 3, 2009

"Timo, meet wall. Wall meet Timo."

Today, I learned doing a "fumble recovery drill" in our living room is a bad idea.
Just ask Timo.
While chasing after a fumbled football, Timo ran, and let me emphasize RAN, into the corner of the wall. Poor kiddo.

In other, and less painful news, Mikey is getting cuter every day!


Brent Hope said...

That is the cutest post ever. Too bad it came at Timo's expense!!

Jeremy said...

It's very rare that I get nervous when one of our boys gets hurt or runs into something. You could say I've been known for underreacting. This is one of those rare times when I seen it happen and I was nervous for a split second. Luckily, Timo bashes his head so often, his skull is building an immunity to other hard objects.

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