February 6, 2009

Sacraficial Timo

                                                                  (You know the drill, click to enlarge)

You may have noticed this picture on the right hand column of my page. Brent pointed out to me how funny Timo looks in it.
The picture was taken in September 2007 at a place near Mt. Rainier in Washington. The family was walking around and I noticed a circle of rocks. Of course the first thing I think of is devil-ish, hence the title "Sacraficial Timo."
If you notice Timo wasn't really sure what to think when I made him lay down in this sinister looking circle. I assured him I was just taking a picture and nothing evil would happen. I should point out that (Eric reminded me of this earlier today) moments before I made Timo lay down we spotted a snake slithering around on the ground not far from where the picture was taken.  It's possible that contributed to the sour look Timo was giving me.
Anyway, this picture has reached the status of one of my personal favorites.


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