February 9, 2009


This year Boise is fortunate enough to be the host city for the Winter Special Olympics. This is a fantastic honor for the Treasure Valley.
I thought in honor of the Special Olympics I would share one of my favorite sports stories of all time. There's a good chance you've heard the story already but that doesn't matter because it's worth watching or hearing a few times.

Over the past couple years, I'm guessing I've watched this video around 10-12 times. Each time, without fail when I watch this video my eyes begin to well up. A very inspirational story about Jason McElwain.


Brent Hope said...

What a great story and video. Unbelievable that he hit 6 threes!

Jeremy said...

Yeah, and remember, he hit those 6 threes in 4 minutes!!

Anonymous said...

Germs, that is a story for the ages. It kinda makes you feel good all over.

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