February 17, 2009

A new look with new bikes!

Well, I think I'm content with my new template...for now anyway. I'm about as fickle as a teenage girl with most things. I feel the constant need for change since I analyze, then over-analyze pretty much any thought that crosses my mind. It's exhausting at times but it blends well with my mostly conservative nature. Anyway, I'm steering way off course here. I hope the new template looks okay on most monitors and browsers. Feel free to look around.

In other news, Eric and Timo got new bikes today! I get excited for them because I remember how exciting it was to get a new bike. Let's all thank Uncle Sam for Eric and Timo's new bikes.

Notice Eric's proud look in this picture. Maybe with some arrogance sprinkled on top. Also, notice Timo in the background. As I was turning on the camera, Timo wiped out on his bike right behind Eric. If I had been ready 10 seconds earlier I could have captured a hilarious picture. At Timo's expense of course. Sorry Timo.

Here's a rugged looking Timo showing off his new wheels.


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