January 6, 2009

Water please

So, last Tuesday I became a member of Golds Gym. It has nothing to do with a New Years resolution, it's just a coincidence. Along with Golds Gym I decided to cut down drastically on soda pop/energy drink/other drinks harmful to my body. And by "cut down" I mean quit cold turkey. This is an endeavor I embarked on in 2006. In 2006 I went about 8 or 9 months without a sip of pop. The catch was I drank a buttload of Full Throttle while I went "pop free."
This time I'm cutting out the Full Throttle and most other drinks. It's been a rough week because of it. In fact I've hardly shaved. Now my drink of choice is water. Plain ol' water. Don't get me wrong, I like water. But last night when I was eating my homemade cheeseburger I constantly fantasized about a drink with some flavor. Some may ask why I would deprive myself of such delicious drinks? It's simple really. I've never been so good with self discipline and I have a turtle like metabolism. Mix that with being part of a family where the men suffer from heart disease and you have a recipe for disaster.

Now it's been a week straight with just water, minus two cups of hot chocolate and a drink of milk this morning. It's been difficult but I'm already noticing some small changes. Nothing like when my brother Brent cut out caffeine and completely shifted the Global Economy.

Anyway, I've already noticed changes like slightly more money in my wallet.
My energy level is up.
My pee doesn't look like solid gold anymore.
It doesn't feel like I constantly have a pot of acid brewing in my stomach. Which means I get a lot less stomach aches.

Believe me, Mountain Dew and energy drinks taste like liquid heaven but feeling better is a much better reward. Hopefully, I can get to a point where I can enjoy "liquid heaven" without over indulging. But for now I have to test my will power.


Brent Hope said...

Mmmmmm...gold pee.

Nice job on the Gold's Gym delio.

You are so THE MAN.

Becka said...

It's not going to be easy, but "chugga-chugga-choo-choo" you can do it!
You're cute and kind, now I'll just have to settle for you also being healthy!

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