January 22, 2009

50 posts!!

Welcome to my 50th post since joining blogger! Ah yes, today is a day I celebrate doing something at least 50 times without getting bored and moving on. There is hope for me yet!
Posting 50 times is an infant number compared to most of the blogs I follow. For me, committing to something this long is a large accomplishment. A few months ago I attempted to run a second blog about one of my most favorite things in the world, Boise State Football. I easily burned out and had to cancel it. This is a good thing because I enjoy this blog more. Plus there's a lot less research involved when writing Jeremy's Forum.

I'm not sure how to celebrate this monumental occasion yet. I'm definately watching The Office tonight. I am getting hungry. That sounds like a good start...


Brent Hope said...

Happy 50th Post!!

I say we go out and drink a bunch of NyQuill and sing loud obnoxious songs!

Jeremy said...

Haha, that gave me a good laugh! You know me too well. NyQuill is my version of loud mouth soup.

Becka said...

Welcome to the "Fifty and Over Post Club"! I totally enjoy reading your thoughts and always am guaranteed a laugh with I check a new one out! You're a silly billy!

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