January 7, 2009

Lost picture

I've taken thousands of pictures over the past few years. The pictures I really like I either upload onto my Webshots account or I keep on my computer somewhere so I can have them handy any time I want to look at them. The thousands of other pictures that don't make it onto Webshots or a permanent folder on the computer is stored on CD-Rs. I was going through some of those CD-Rs recently and somehow this picture fell through the cracks of my flawless system.

Eric is only 18 months old here. This picture was taken in April 2003 at Uncle Brent's house in Tacoma, Washington.

Isn't he cute!?!

(Click picture to enlarge)


Becka said...

That is absolutely one of the cutest eye balls I have ever seen! I just want to kiss that face again, one time.

Brent Hope said...

Did you notice the reflection of his eyes in the bottle? Coolio! Excellent picture.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I love that. The funny part is, this picture was taken with a disposable camera.

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