January 14, 2009

Girl sends 14,528 texts in one month!

Really? 14,528 in 30 days? See for yourself.

To me this is a bit disturbing. Even worse this girl is 13 and the dad's solution is she can't text after dinner time. Yeah.
A few years back I worked with a girl and she informed me she sent around 5,000 texts per month. That is around 161 texts per day (the girl in the video sent around 484 per day). Anyway, when she told me that, it blew my mind.

Doesn't anyone talk to each other anymore? There's comfort in hearing a voice on the other end of a conversation.

Some might say, "but Jeremy, you send text messages." I do. My phone keeps track of my last 500 texts, which dates back to September 23rd. If you do the math, that's slightly more then 4 texts per day. And my last text was 6 days ago. That's not calling the kettle black.

Anyway, I get it. Texting can be good for some things. It's a quick way to say something without needing a whole conversation. But don't make it your main form of communication. Gosh.

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Travis said...

thats amazing. id say my brother tops that. ive never looked into it but he is crazy with the texting. i checked my log and over the past month i have sent 2709. thats like 90ish a day. not toooo bad. i just hate talking on the phone. i think we have escalated to that point as a nation. my only hope is that in the next few years i can send mind texts and i wont even have to use my fingers.

Jeremy said...

That's impressive. If we ever get to the point of mind texts, I'm on board.

Becka said...

Can you imagine how many minutes of actually talking that would be?
But, the funny thing is that now she has gotten attention for it and will probably try to outdo it next time!

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