January 4, 2010

Boise State wins 2010 Fiesta Bowl!!!!!!


Boise State once again proves they are a team to be reckoned with among the college football landscape.

I love how all the "experts" regularly pick against the Broncos in these big games. When will they learn their lesson?

I feel like I'm floating on air as I revel in another Fiesta Bowl win. Although, the gallon of water I drank during the game is still sending me to the bathroom every 10 minutes.

If you want more good news, Boise State returns 20 of 22 starters for next season. It couldn't come fast enough.

Congratulations to the Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!


Becka said...

That game was intense and emotional! Perfect! 14-0 has a great ring to it! I call for the Fiesta Bowl next year, too!

Brent Hope said...

The dude that writes for Yahoo! Sports is a real &$#^@bag. He says the game was slow and boring and Boise is not that good because they only beat the champion of the MWC.

I wanted to jump through my computer screen and grab is little (I've never played football before) neck and slowly squeeze the life out of him.

Another example of mainstream media not getting it.

I thought it was a superb (and I don't use that word often) game.

BSU would have beaten anyone else in the BSC this year.

Jessumca said...

hooray! hooray!

Jeremy said...

Brent, I'm so glad we're brothers.

Before leaving for work this morning I made the mistake of quickly checking ESPN.com before I left. Gene Wojciechowski from ESPN and the Yahoo Sports guy most go bowling together.

Wojciechowski said Boise State and TCU had a chance to impress but didn't because the game was too boring. Why is it that a SEC game that ends 17-10 is a "hard fought battle" but in this game it's boring?

Another example of an elitist. These bozo writers we speak of is breathing my precious air.

And yes, I also hope the Broncos go to the Fiesta Bowl next year. Next year the Fiesta Bowl is for all the marbles.

Anonymous said...

I already have the BSU vs Virginia Tech game plans made for next year, and with the championship being in the Fiesta Bowl, maybe some overdue respect will finally be given to the Orange and Blue.

Jeremy said...

Thank you for your comment. I always appreciate them!

I'm filled with envy you'll be attending the VA Tech game but it sounds like Bronco Nation will represent well at FedEx Field.

And yes, if Boise State runs the table again next year, I don't see how they could be left out of the Championship game.

Go Broncos!!

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