July 29, 2009

Larry Gebert

So, I'm watching the news the other day and of course I'm so riveted about the 15 minute lecture of how hot it's going to be. I'm watching KTVB weatherman, Larry Gebert and I'm starting to notice something. Is it possible? Is Larry Gebert, from the channel 7 news team, really (gulp)...Ron Burgandy??

Please allow me to use visual aides.

Here's Ron Burgandy:

And of course here's Larry Gebert:

I mean, at the least, they have to be brothers. To me, if an Anchorman 2 ever came out and Will Ferell was tied down to another movie, channel 7's finest meterologist could step in and play the part. Ron Burgandy was known to love scotch, play the jazz flute, and chase the ladies. Unfortunately, Gebert seems to be a bit more boring. According to KTVB.com, Larry Gebert is somewhat of a computer geek and enjoys skiing ("water and snow"). Those are fine activities for a normal man, but with that mustache he's sporting I was hoping for more exciting hobbies. You know, like, kickboxing, professional karaoke singer, or at least an avid 7-11 parking lot loiterer.

Either way, I can't watch Larry Gebert in the same way from now on. While he salivates over his new technology in the form of "live storm tracker 7000!", all I'm going to hear is, "you stay classy San Diego."


Brent Hope said...

Did you hear that they are indeed coming out with a sequel to Anchorman. They are in negotiations with all of the other players and Ferrell says it's a sure thing.

Go $&#* yourself San Diego.

Jeremy said...

That's so funny. That's what I ACTUALLY hear Ron Burgandy say.

No, I didn't hear that. Anchorman is a guilty pleasure.

Ranaebang said...

I produced the morning show with Larry for 3 years and I often joked I had my own Ron Burgundy. He is so similar in more ways than looks it's uncanny!

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