November 12, 2008

New pictures, with updates!

OK, I fixed our camera...sort of. It's good enough to take some pictures at least. It just requires a little more patience...I'm working on that part.
Here's a some new pictures.

Here's little Timo. He's always full of personality as you can see in his smile. Timo is well rounded when it comes to his likes. At one moment he's helping Mommy make dinner, then the next moment he's playing football with his brothers.

Chunky little Noah. He's our little bowling ball. Always full of love and he already loves making people laugh.

Here's Eric, the oldest brother. Despite being a star athlete, he still has time to take pictures. Oh, and practice his penmanship.

The best Mommy and 7 month old Mikey. With Noah being 2 and Mikey at 7 months old, a future without dirty diapers is slowly becoming a reality.

To the untrained eye, that may look like a kids toy I'm holding over my head. If you look a little closer, you'll clearly see it's a halo.


Becka said...

It's takes getting to know you better to truly see your halo! I love you and thank you for calling me the best Mommy!


P.S. More XX's

Jessumca said...

holy cow Noah is growing so big! he's not a baby anymore! all those kids are amazing in so many ways! Becka looks fantastic by the way. :)

Brent Hope said...

Awesome picture of you as an angel. Is it for sale?

Jeremy said...

That picture is definately for sale. Although the picture can be quite expensive due to my wicked sideburns adding to the value.

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