November 17, 2008

Eric is 7!!

Today is Eric's birthday. I can't believe he's 7 years old already. The time has gone by so quickly. Before I know it, in another 7 years he'll be 14 and almost ready for high school. Weird.

As Eric gets older every year, it becomes more and more apparent to Becka and I how special he is. Eric has that special something about him. Eric is very in-tune with other people's feelings. When he gets older I'm sure he'll have the ability to "discern the thoughts of others", which is a rare quality he'll share with his dad and Uncle Brent. Eric is also very outgoing. He's not afraid to tell someone he just met about his latest adventures. Eric is so loving too. Our new Bishop came over to our the other night. When the Bishop was getting ready to leave, he stuck out his hand to shake Eric's hand. Despite this only being the second time Eric had seen our new Bishop, Eric ignored his hand and went right in for a hug. This of course lead to Timo and Noah hugging the Bishop too.
Eric is the perfect fit for being a big brother. He does a great job. He's learning to contribute around the house as well.

I decided to chronicle some pictures of Eric starting from one year old to seven. Here it goes:

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Eric younger then one year old on my computer. In fact, I have hardly any of him being one. He's 1 right here but since you can't see him that well...'s a picture of Eric when he was 18 months old. This was his first time at a Krispy Kreme. This was in Issaquah, Washington. Thanks for the Krispy Kreme Uncle Brent!

Here's Eric on his second birthday. He was so excited when he was getting his picture taken.

Eric at 3. I remember a few months prior to taking this picture I realized how photogenic Eric was becoming.

At 4 years old, Boise State Football was already one of Eric's favorite things in the whole wide world. You should see him now, he colors every picture blue and orange. And I mean EVERY picture.

Eric at 5. Look at the cute face! What you can't see in this picture is Eric is playing with a pet turtle we had. When we asked Eric what we should name the turtle, he came up with the name Ian. Of course, named after Ian Johnson from Boise State.

Eric at 6. This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Eric. We were walking around in Las Vegas, then he ran up by that tree and told me to take a picture. He delivered one of his finest pictures yet.

And of course, Eric at 7. Eric lost his tooth just a couple days ago. He was so excited when it fell out because he knew he would be getting a dollar from the tooth ferry (talk about inflation). As far as his new Transformer toys go, he's playing with them right now, right next to me on the very desk I'm using as I'm typing.

Happy Birthday Eric!!!


Jessumca said...

what a beautiful post about eric. he is an amazing little guy! i remember him seeing and understanding when people weren't in a good mood. he is a special kid! Happy Brithday Eric! we miss you bunches!

Brent Hope said...

That is one handsome sweet young man. I agree that Eric is a special young man. He has a great mom and dad too!

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