November 2, 2008

I'm back

In the month of September I posted 10 times on my blog. I was so proud of myself for showing such commitment by posting into the double digits. Of course this would be normal from now on. Of course I would post an average of 10-12 times per month.

In October I had 2.

I spent most of October in an apathetic (finally a chance to use that word) state of mind. I struggled just to post those two blogs, I practically forced myself.
A small part of my lack of interest in blogging for the last month has been my obsession of watching DVR'd episodes of "Entourage." Most of my blogging is done in the evening. Coincidentally I have to watch Entourage after the boys go to bed due to the shows "adult content." Call it a conflict of interest.

The majority of the reason I haven't blogged is me not feeling well.

Now I'm happy to report that my own personal storm cloud is beginning to lift thanks to some much needed help. I'm making a personal goal to post in the double digits in the month of November. Hopefully the substance doesn't suffer...I can't really promise that part. No more posts about how flies annoy me or how I was fantasizing about bottles of Prozac. Now I can strive to have my posts be a little more optimistic.

I made a list of positive things I can blog about:

1) How much I love my boys.

2) How blessed I am to be married to Becka.

3) My beloved Boise State Broncos are on their way to another undefeated season.

4) I haven't been pulled over in over 7 years (keeping fingers crossed).

5) I found out the other day I can consistently throw a football 70 yards (the football was barely larger then a baseball...whatever, it still counts)

6) My goatee finally grows in evenly on both sides.

7) In late October/early November and the temperature is still hitting 70 degrees (thanks to not being in Western Washington anymore).

8) My progressive hair loss over the past few years seems to have gone into remission (I'm actually assuming this since I can't see the top of my head...I don't need anyone checking for me though).

9) Before today I haven't drank a pop in about a week (this wasn't really a choice, I just couldn't afford it. Picture a meth addict the first day after quitting cold turkey...that was me all week).

10) After over a year of being MIA, I finally found the battery cover to our DVD player remote (few things make me cuss more then batteries missing from a of those being when the whole remote is missing).

OK, not all those are good blog topics but I've smiled and laughed several times in the last few minutes and that has been missing lately.

The message of this post is simple. In the words of Michael Jordan when announcing his second return from retirement through a fax:

"I'm back."


Brent Hope said...

Well, welcome back to the planet Jerm. It's been heinous without you.

You are the man!

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