June 1, 2008

Kickin back

This is me taking a little break at work. I'm sitting on a vehicle called a "lektro" used to push back the airplanes onto the taxiway. The seats on the lektro happen to be more comfortable then our couch. When given the chance I love to kick back on the lektro for a while. The seats are comfortable but most of all I love the view.


Becka said...

What airline is that plane from in the background?

Brent Hope said...

I gots to know....what kind of shoe is that??

jeremy said...

That is a United Airlines plane. It's a CRJ-700, same plane we fly at Horizon.
Alright my friend, that awesome solid black shoe is some type of Reebok. Thank you Reebok outlet in Boise!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoe info! (whew!)

Now...could you put those shoes on, march over to your computer and give us another post on Jeremy's Forum?! Do it now!

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