June 4, 2008

Jump Creek Falls

There's a cool waterfall hidden deep in the southwest part of the Boise Valley. Jump Creek Falls. It's about 85 feet high with a nice big, deep pool at the bottom perfect for swimming and cooling off.

A couple years ago Becka and I took Brent's family to this waterfall to cool off. Brent, Brent Jr., and myself all climbed to the top of this waterfall (which was no easy task). As I stayed at the top of the waterfall, Brent and Brent Jr. proceeded to down climb the wall so they could jump into the pool at the bottom. Watching them down climb this wall, which was almost completely vertical was enough to make you sweat profusely from nervousness. Finally, they picked a spot to jump from and I captured a picture of both of them before they took the plunge. It had to be about a 35-40 foot jump into a pool of water they had never been to before.

After they both jumped, I wildly screamed, "You're still alive!!" Later I asked Brent how it felt and he said, "I had some serious endorphins going!"
Indeed, he did.


Brent Hope said...

You're pictures of this a great!! As I remember it the difficulty was not the jump but climbing down to the landing so we could jump! What was I thinking??

Becka said...

Hey, I think I'm in this picture too! The pink dot way down at the bottom!

jeremy said...

Yeah, I should have clarified better the hard part was the down climb. I'm glad I was watching!

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