October 15, 2010

Kid hates the Raiders

Honestly, I don't blame the poor kid. If Al Davis and the Raiders beat my favorite team I would throw a tantrum too. I can relate to the kid in two ways:

1. I cried when the 49ers lost to the Cowboys in the NFC Title game in 1993. It wasn't hysterical crying but the waterworks were flowing. I won't sugarcoat it, it was one of my more pathetic moments. My mom had to comfort her 13 year old son because the Cowboys had defeated Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.....hang on, I need a moment....

/wipes eyes

2. I get just as emotional as the young boy in the video every single time I look at Mark May's face. I scream at the TV just like the young boy does every time May opens his mouth about Boise State. Mark May is pure evil.


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